Directions for proper use:


1. Clean your arm completely around your installed sensor with an alcohol square.  I find that the cleaner your arm is the better the tape holds securely.

2. Place the FSL Sensor Cover on top of the FreeStyle Libre sensor. It will fit perfectly in the indented cavity side of the FSL Sensor cover.


3. Place the FSL Sensor Tape provided over the FSL Sensor Cover and press the tape securely on your arm.


4. Your care depends on how long the tape will last. It can last even while swimming or taking a shower or working out for several days. 

5. Always use caution when removing the tape. *The FSL Sensor Cover will come off still stuck to the tape. When the tape is removed with some caution there will be no movement or effect on the installed sensor.

6. We, the seller of the FSL Sensor Cover, assume no responsibility if your installed sensor comes off of your arm.  We have no control over how you pull the tape or treat the FSL Sensor Cover. Our full responsibility will be to replace the FSL Sensor Cover or to refund your original purchase price with your valid receipt.

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FSL sensor cover inst.png