Frequently asked questions

Does your sensor cover work with all Freestyle Libre sensors?

As of this date, this FSL Sensor Cover works perfect with the standard Freestyle Libre sensor.

Does the sensor cover damage in any way the Freestyle Libre sensor?

No. The FSL Sensor Cover was specifically designed to rest on top of the installed sensor without creating any binding at all.

Will the FSL Sensor Cover cause damage to my skin around the installed sensor?

No. The FSL Sensor Cover was intentionally designed to rest on top of the sensor and not to come into contact with your arm. The FSL Sensor Cover is the same thickness of the actual sensor but the round indent that sits on top of the sensor is only ½ of the depth. This way the FSL Sensor Cover does not come into contact with your arm.

Can you use any standard tape to hold the FSL Sensor Cover in place?

Yes but use caution. The tape must be able to stick to your skin without damage to your skin. Most tape products on the market will or may harm your skin if left on your skin for long periods of time. The tape we use, sell and recommend is Kinesiology tape. This tape is known to stick well to your skin yet leave no glue residue. We specifically had the dies cut for our tape so there are no corners to catch on your clothing which should allow the tape to last for several days if need be.

Is the FSL Sensor Cover reusable?

Yes. We used a good quality material so the FSL Sensor Cover could be used over and over again for many years.

Can the Freestyle Libre reader read thru the FSL Sensor Cover?

Yes. The FSL Sensor Cover was designed thin enough and with a large hole in the center so there is no obstruction for the reader. We tested this several ways including having the reader read thru several layers of clothing and the FSL Sensor Cover without even one single problem. The reader read every time without any problem.

Where is your sensor cover manufactured?

We are very proud to say that the FSL Sensor Cover was thought of, designed and is manufactured right here in Lakewood CA. The injection mold for the sensor cover was also made here in Lakewood CA. Also note that the clamshell packaging and even the custom mold for the clamshell packaging was made here in Upland CA. All of the printing for our inserts and use information was also done right here in S. CA. We are a proud American company and we are proud to say "Made in the U.S.A."

Can I use your FSL Sensor Cover tape directly on my sensor to keep it secure on my arm?

NO. Our FSL Sensor Cover tape is specifically designed to be used on top of the Sensor Cover and NEVER on your installed sensor. Our tape has strong adhesive to hold our Sensor Cover in place and securely to your arm. If you were to apply our tape directly to your installed sensor, the tape would bond to your installed sensor and pull it from your arm when you tried to remove the tape from your arm.

Where do I order either the sensor cover or the tape?

Please place all orders thru either Amazon or E-Bay. Search using FSL Sensor Cover & FSL Sensor Cover tape.