The FSL Sensor Cover


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      The FSL Sensor cover is designed to sit on top of your installed sensor to be a barrier between your installed sensor and a tape product. Click the "SHOP" button above to make your purchase now. Besides my FSL Sensor Cover I also have my own Kinesiology tape made specifically for use over my FSL Sensor Cover. My tape in pre-cut pieces that are ready to use. 

     Using a tape product directly on your installed sensor is dangerous as the tape will stick to the installed sensor and when you have to replace the tape it can easily pull the sensor from your arm. Using my FSL Sensor Cover as a barrier prevents a tape product from sticking to your installed sensor and allows your installed sensor to remain properly installed in your arm and you can easily change your tape as often as necessary. 

     The FSL Sensor Covers main purpose is to help prevent the factory sensor's adhesive from failing by covering the sensor with a sensor cover and a flexible high bond tape.  Our cover does not come into contact with your skin while it protects your sensor from falling off from normal use, sweat, oils, abrasion, rough use, bathing and other daily activity.  The FSL Sensor tape and cover are easily removed from your skin leaving the FreeStyle Libre sensor perfectly placed and adhered right where you left it.

      Unfortunately, the stock FreeStyle Libre sensor is subject to falling off before it is time to replace it.  Using a tape alone without the FSL Sensor Cover,  the FreeStyle Libre sensor could be pulled out of your skin when you removed or tried to replace the tape rendering it useless.  The FSL Sensor Cover eliminates all these problems so you won't have to worry anymore.

Simply and elegantly designed to perfectly fit over the Freestyle Libre Sensor.  Molded from a durable plastic that can last a lifetime.  The FSL SENSOR COVER sits directly on top of your installed sensor and allows you to use tape to secure the FSL SENSOR COVER to your arm.  This way you can remove the tape & FSL SENSOR COVER without disturbing the installed sensor.  We prefer to use the tape we include free with the FSL SENSOR COVER.  *Note that the free piece of tape included in the sensor cover packet is not the extra strength tape that we sell by the roll. We  offer pre-cut perfectly sized, 42 pre-cut pieces on a roll. The pre-cut size is 2" X 4.25" with rounded corners.

       Please go to my SHOP here on my web site to make your purchases. I offer $1 shipping any place in the United States of America with prepaid purchases.  Note that because these items cannot be resold I am unable to accept returns. If there is a manufacturers defect of any kind please contact me and I will replace the item free of charge. I personally inspect each item before I pack & ship the items to assure there are no defects.  I also sell the exact same items on Amazon & on E-Bay for the same price again with FREE shipping. 

     Please take note: My kinesiology tape has extra adhesive on it for a stronger hold. Everyone should consult with their personal Dr. BEFORE applying this tape to their skin to assure there is no problem with their skin that would prevent them from using this specific kinesiology tape. 

          I invented the FSLSensorCover out of necessity. I have been a diabetic for many years. In order to keep track of my blood glucose and my health I needed to check my blood sugars several times a day. After a few years my fingers got so sore it became difficult to prick a finger to get even one blood drop. I was so thankful when the FreeStyle Libre system came on the market. I realized at once that this was a perfect way for me to check my blood glucose as often as I wanted to without a finger stick.

I found out quickly that while the sensor was wonderful while it worked, it could come off of or be knocked off of my arm. I had them come off with a wash rag in the shower, pulling a shirt off and on and rolling over in bed. While ABBOTT replaced the sensors that came off, it was a hassle and I was without my sensor for a period of time. I thought about a way to keep the sensor secure in my arm. While simply applying tape came to mind I realized that when the tape had to be replaced it pulled the sensor out of my arm and defeated the tapes purpose. So, I came up with the idea for a Sensor Cover and then refined the idea.

          I wanted something to hold the installed sensor in place while not restricting the sensor in any way. I found a kinesiology tape which seemed to work just fine. I contacted one of the world’s largest medical tape manufacturers and after several attempts I found a tape that works extremely well with no ill effects on a person’s skin. I then tried several sizes to get the exact size that would hold the Sensor Cover in place and be non-intrusive in the user’s life and lifestyle. I contracted with the tape manufacturer to die cut the tape in my preferred size and with all rounded edges so clothing would not get caught on it. I used my Sensor Cover and my tape for about 4 months so I could be assured that what I had was exactly what I and other diabetics that use the FreeStyle Libre system needed.

          I now work out every day, shower every day, swim on occasion and my tape can last several days with only minor care. Since you have to change the FreeStyle Libre sensor every 14 days this worked out exactly how I envisioned. I contracted with a local tool and die maker to make my injection mold locally. I contracted with a local company to produce my Sensor Covers. I found a local company to custom make my clam-shell packaging. I even contracted with a local printing company to make the package inserts and advertising materials. I believe that with my FSLSensorCover the FreeStyle Libre system is now better than ever and the user does not have to worry about the sensor simply dislodging from their arm.